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• reconstruction and conservation of wooden objects including furniture & architectural detail
• cleaning and conservation of polished wooden surfaces
• conservation and replacement of carved ornamentation
• conservation and re-adhesion of marquetry
• oil and water gilding
• vacuum impregnation and consolidation of decayed wood

In addition to these conservation services, we also offer services such as:

• wood identification
• condition assessment and preparation
• Electronic circuity assessment
• Electrical safety assessment and remediation

Clientele include:

• public and private collecting institutions
• corporations
• private collectors

Through our sister company, RH Conservation Engineering, we offer a design, manufacture and installation service for specialist conservation, display and transport equipment. RH Conservation Engineering provide solutions to the mechanical challenges encountered in the preservation of our cultural heritage.s
With an extensive workshop facility including:

Wood machining
Composite manufacture
Metal fabrication
Metal machining
Electronics manufacture