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The RH High Pressure Suction System is designed for localized treatments on paper. The vacuum is controlled from the stainless steel control panel and is displayed in hectopascal on an LED digital display together with the % of vacuum being used. The exhaust air is discharged through a 3 m long, 100 mm diameter flexible duct and when not in use the duct retracts into the side of the pump. A 16 mm diameter flexible hose connects the RH High Pressure Suction System surface to the pump just beside the exhaust duct.

The suction surface is very fine sintered copper/nickel alloy that in appearance resembles a piece of matt stainless steel and, when fitted, is flush with the top surface of the platen or table top. The effective area of suction on the suction surface is 50 mm x 150 mm, although the surface extends 10 mm beyond this on all edges. The RH High Pressure Suction System can be supplied with an anodised aluminum platen with holes in 2 positions to fit the suction surface or with a table top with 4 suction surface positions that fits onto a standard RH Table Frame 1600 mm x 1200 mm.

Alternatively, a scale drawing of the hole required to fit the suction surface into an existing table top can be supplied. The RH High Pressure Suction System is quiet, producing 62dBA at 1 metre during operation, and is powered by an industrial single phase electric motor for continuous operation from a standard earthed power outlet of 220-240 V, 10 A, 50/60 Hz.

Specifications subject to change without notice.


• Superfine suction surface of sintered/fritted copper nickel alloy.
• Optional wedge shaped suction platen for in-situ treatments, 70 mm x 70 mm by a maximum thickness of 14 mm and a minimum thickness on 3 edges of 2.5 mm.
• A pump generating a vacuum of -970 hectopascal at the suction surface and a maximum of 6.6 litres per second.
• Pump control panel of stainless steel with flush switches sealed to all solvents used in conservation.
• Pump housed in acoustically insulated sleek, sturdy casing of matt black anodised aluminum standing 950 mm high, 540 mm wide and 375 mm deep on 50 mm castors.
• Suction exhaust system totally isolated from all other areas of the pump enclosure and the open environment making it suitable for aqueous and solvent based treatments.