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The revolutionary, RH Non-Contact Infrared Heat Tool is designed for localised treatments of canvas paintings, textiles, objects and paper, without contact, while still offering fully controllable working temperature on the object.

RH Non-Contact Infrared Tool has a round heat spot approximately 20 mm in diameter. When held approximately 32mm from the surface of a work, the inbuilt non-contact IR sensor detects the temperature in the centre of the heat spot. To accurately guide you to hold the tool 32mm from the surface, two inbuilt laser pointers beams intersect at this distance. When the laser beams intersect, a photo transistor detect this and then signals the controller to begin heat using the halogen heat source. The Tool has a 850um filter on it so that no visible or UV energy/light is edited onto the treatment area. There is also no moving air emited from the front of the tool, all cooling air produced by the inbuilt cooling fan is discharged through the perforated dome. 
As an alternative to using a heated spatula that can crush fragile fragments of paint, or a hot air tool that can dislodge/blow away the fragments during consolidation treatments, this device avoids both these problems.
By treating an area in this way, the only physical contact the treatment area receives is that from silicone or Teflon spatulas to manipulate anything requiring alignment.
The RH Non-Contact Infrared Tool is connected to the controller unit by a cable that plugs into the back. The operating temperature is controlled from the front panel of the controller unit, Series 3 controller unit required. The temperature is set with two buttons and displayed in Celsius or Fahrenheit on the LED digital display.


* Operates from a standard earthed power outlet of 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz.
* Temperature controlled by non-contact temperature sensing of the surface of the work in the focal area of the infrared beam
* Custom-made Australian Blackwood (Acacia melanoxylon) handle for low thermal conductivity together with the low thermally-conductive stainless steel head for user comfort
* Maximum operating temperature of 100°C.
* Clear inbuilt LED readout of tool temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, user selectable
* Easy finger-tip control of temperature by the flush, fully sealed stainless steel control panel
* Control unit with a sleek, sturdy outer casing of matt black anodised aluminium
* Temperature override system. Should the very reliable temperature control system fail, an alarm will sound 6°C above temperature.
* Soft pliable silicone sleeve over military spec Teflon™ electrical cables to the spatulas & lining irons, rated to withstand 150°C continuously, preventing them from being melted or broke