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The RH Heated Spatulas and Lining Irons are designed for localised treatments of canvas paintings, textiles, objects and paper.

The RH Heated Spatulas and Lining Irons are connected to the controller unit by the socket on the cable that plugs in beside the isolation switch. The temperature of the spatulas and irons is controlled from the front panel of the controller unit. The temperature is set by the use of 2 buttons and displayed on Celsius on an LED digital display.
The RH Heated Spatulas and Lining Irons operate from a standard earthed power outlet of 110 V, 16 A, 60 Hz or 220-240 V, 10 A, 50 Hz.


*    Nickel Teflon™ plated brass soles on spatulas and irons, offering a durable non-stick low friction surface with perfect heat distribution.
*    Knife edge on front of spatulas.
*    The most accurate interchangeable head spatula                       due to the inclusion of “Heat Tube” technology.
*    Short warm-up time (on average 1.5 minutes).
*    Maximum operating temperature of 150°C.
*    Clear inbuilt LED readout of tool temperature.
*    Easy finger tip control of temperature by the flush, fully sealed stainless steel control panel.
*    Control unit with a sleek, sturdy outer casing of matt black anodised aluminium.
*    Temperature override system. Should the very reliable temperature control system fail, an alarm will sound 6°C above temperature.
*    Soft / pliable silicone sleeve over military spec Teflon™ electrical cables to the spatulas & lining irons, rated to withstand 150°C continuously, preventing them from being melted or breaking.

Standard sole sizes:

Lining iron 235 mm x 160 mm. 
Tacking Strip Iron 160 mm x 55 mm. 
Standard spatula 73 mm x 32 mm. 
Miniature Spatula, 40 mm x 20 mm. 
Miniature interchangeable head spatulas, 14 mm x 10 mm, 10 mm x 7 mm & a point tip. 
2 Micro spatulas, 4.5 mm x 3 mm & 2 mm x 0.8 mm

Specifications subject to change without notice.