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Unit Components

Each drying screen unit consists of:
• 5 screens
• 2 black unit sides
• 4 stainless steel connecting tubes
• 8 Nickel plated hex head screws
• 1 hexagonal socket wrench


Screw in the 4 adjustable feet in to the metal inserts in the bottom edges of the black side panels. Place a silver plated hex socket head screw in a hole of one of the lower corner holes of one of the side panels. Screw into the end of a stainless steel connecting tube, so the connecting tube is on the same surface as the white plastic screen guides, tighten the screw. 

Place another screw in the other the other unit side, so when screwed into the other end of the first connecting tube, the screen guide slots face each other with the feet on the surface you are assembling the unit on. Tighten the second screw. Install the remaining 3 connecting tubes in the same manner. The screens may now be slid into the guide slots. The screens may be used either way up: screen surface level with the top edge of the frame or surrounded by the frame.

Please note:

Should the screen surface become damaged at any stage it may be replaced locally by a competent person or returned to RH Conservation Engineering.

RH equipment is intended for use only by professional conservators. Use by inexperienced operators may result in damage to objects being treated. The RH Drying Screen Unit is not intended for use by infirm persons and should be kept out of reach of young children.