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The RH High Pressure Suction System is connected by the cable supplied from the socket in the back of the pump located below the isolation switch to a power outlet of the nominated rating and voltage on the compliance label. The exhaust duct is extended from the side of the pump by rotating the end to detach it from the 2 retaining pins. The exhaust duct should be extended fully and discharged away from the work environment such as through a window, into an operating fume cupboard or into the end of an operating fume extraction duct. The RH High Pressure Suction System should have a free cooling airflow to the bottom of the pump of no more than 30ÂșC. The suction surface is fitted into the appropriate hole in the aluminium platen or table top. The holes not being used should be blanked off with the fillers. On the aluminium platen the hose should exit the hole in the corner. The suction surface is connected to the pump by fitting the hose to the coupling beside the exhaust duct of the pump.


The isolation switch at the back of the pump may now be switched on, it will then be illuminated. If any of the 4 green arrows are lit on the control panel, press the button on the display marked < until none of the arrows are lit. The blotter to be used should be laid under the object on the suction surface ready for treatment.
The RH High Pressure Suction System may now be started by pressing the button marked 1. The vacuum is controlled by the buttons marked < and > and is indicated in hectopascal on the LCD digital meter. The pump is turned off by pressing the button marked 0.

If the pump has been used for a wet treatment, the pump should be left running for a few minutes connected to an empty suction surface to dry out.
Before switching off the pump ensure that it is set on the lowest vacuum setting, none of the green arrows should be lit. To pack it away, reverse the assembly instructions.
The pump motor is fitted with a motor protection system. Should the system trip the motor off, switch off the isolation switch and ensure that the base of the pump has an unobstructed supply of cooling air. If all is clear the pump may be re-started after 5 minutes, following the starting instructions. Should it trip again, disconnect the pump and contact RH Conservation Engineering.

Please note:

When cleaning the RH High Pressure Suction System no abrasive cleaners, strong alkalis or acids should be used.
Under no circumstances should the RH High Pressure Suction System be used as a vacuum cleaner.
RH equipment is intended for use only by professional conservators. Use by inexperienced operators may result in damage to objects being treated. The RH High Pressure Suction System is not intended for use by infirm persons and should be kept out of reach of young children.