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The RH Hot Suction Unit is connected, by the supply cable, to a 3 phase outlet of the same amp rating as the plug (the supply should include a neutral pin on 208v or 380-415v supply). 
The exhaust duct is extended from the side of the RH Hot Suction Unit by rotating the end to detach it from the 2 retaining buttons. The exhaust duct should be extended fully and discharged away from the work environment such as through a window, into an operating fume cupboard or into the end of an operating fume extraction duct. The RH Hot Suction Unit should have a free cooling air flow to the bottom of the unit of no more than 30ºC.
The RH Hot Suction Table should be set up on the RH Table Frame or a level bench top that allows free access for the suction hose and the cable. from below
The RH Hot Suction Unit is connected to the RH Hot Suction Table (sold as one unit) by the plug on the cable from the table to the corresponding socket on the back of the unit.
To fit the table suction coupling, depress the 2 buttons and release when the end of the coupling has been placed into the evacuation hole on the bottom of the hot suction table. The suction hose should be connected to the table coupling and the other end to the coupling below the exhaust duct on the RH Hot Suction Unit.


The work being treated should cover the very centre of the table as this is where the temperature sensor is located.  Failure to do this will mean that the temperature controller will not be controlling the temperature accruratly. The membrane to cover either the whole work and table or just the unused surface of the table should now be fitted. At RH Conservation Enginering we recomend the use of the latex membrane supplied be us due to it's conformability. The isolation Switch on the back of the unit must first be turned on this must be turned off at the end of it's use. The pump in the RH Hot Suction Unit may now be started by pressing the button marked 0/I on the top row of the controls. The vacuum is controlled by the buttons marked < and > and is indicated as % of available vacuum. After 5 seconds the display will indicate the table pressure in hectopascal on the LED digital meter. The pump is turned off by pressing the button in the top row marked 0/I.
The heating in the table should only be operated when it is under vacuum and is started by pressing the button in the lower row marked 0/I, the display will flash between OFF and the current temperature of the table. The table heating is turned on by pressing either arrow buttons, the set point will be displayed and may be changed with the arrow buttons. 5 seconds after pressing either of the arrow buttons, the heating controller will begin heating to the set temperature.
The set point may be accessed and changed by pressing either of the arrow buttons, when left for 5 seconds the operating temperature will be locked and the table will start in the operation mode. The heating system may be paused by pressing both arrow buttons simultaneously, the display will flash between OFF and the current temperature of the table, This is the mode that should be used after a treatment, while the work nis cooling. When the temperature display shoes 35ºC. the button marked 0/I in the lower row may now be depressed to turn the temperature controller off followed by the pump.

To pack the hot suction unit and table away reverse the assembly instructions.
Should the temperature in the table rise above 80ºC, an internal temperature sensor will turn off the entire heating system. It may be restarted after the sensor has cooled to about 65ºC. If the pump has been used for a wet treatment, the pump should be left running for a few minutes connected to an empty suction surface to dry out.

Please note:

When cleaning the RH Hot Suction Unit or Hot Suction Table no abrasive cleaners or strong alkalis should be used.
The anodised housing of RH equipment may be cleaned with Windexª to remove finger marks.

Please Note: RH equipment is intended for use only by professional conservators. Use by inexperienced operators may result in damage to objects being treated. The RH Hot Suction Table and Hot Suction Unit are not intended for use by infirm persons and should be kept out of reach of young children.