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The RH Low Mass Hot Suction Table and Hot Suction Unit are designed for flatening, relaxation, consolidation treatments and hot or cold structural treatments of canvas paintings, textiles and paper.

The RH Hot Suction Table is connected to the RH Hot Suction Unit by a 60 mm diameter flexable suction hose and a cable that plugs into the back of the suction unit. The vacuum is controlled from the control panel and is displayed in hectopascal on an LED digital meter together with the percentage of available vacuum being used. The temperature too is set by the use of two buttons and displayed with its’ own LED digital display.

The RH Hot Suction Table is easy to operate. It has a very short warm up (8 1/2 mins) and cool down time (12 mins). It has two above temperature safety systems, so should the very reliable temperature controller fail, an alarm will sound and a light will flash at 4°C above temperature. As a fail safe, a built in temperature sensor in the table turns the system off at 80°C.
The RH Hot Suction Table operates from a 3 phase power supply.


• Fine Teflon™ coated fabric covering the suction surface, offering a non-stick surface and perfect suction distribution.
• Uniform output heating element 10 mm below the entire surface.
• Channelled sub-support to provide even vacuum and humidification/drying of objects.
• Maximum operating temperature 75°C.
• Rigid, solvent proof body constructed of matt black anodised aluminium and lightweight aluminium sandwich panel base.
• Useable work surface to the very edge due to the unique design.
• 8 mm thick cover for work surface when table is not in use.


1200 mm x 900 mm
1600 mm x 1200 mm
2400 mm x 1600 mm
3000 mm x 2400 mm
4000 mm x 2400 mm

Specifications subject to change without notice.