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The controller unit of the RH Heated Spatula and Lining Iron is connected, by the cable supplied, from the socket in the back of the unit, located below the isolation switch, to a power outlet of the nominated rating and voltage on the compliance label.
The controller unit is connected to the heated spatula or iron by connecting their plug to the corresponding socket on the back of the unit. Only one tool may be used at any one time and if you change the tool, turn the unit off before disconnecting the first tool.


The controller unit in started by the isolation switch on the back above the supply socket. When the unit is turned on, the switch will be illuminated, and the display will flash between OFF and the current temperature of the connected tool. The operating temperature may be viewed and also altered by pressing either of the arrow buttons, then when left for 5 seconds, the operating temperature will be locked and the controller will start in the on mode. 

When using the < or > buttons to altering the operating temperature, the change happens in 0.5 ºC intervals for the first 10 ºC and thereafter in 5 ºC intervals; to change back to 0.5 ºC intervals, release the button and then press again. The heating system may be paused by pressing both arrow buttons simultaneously; the display will then flash between OFF and the current temperature of the tool.

Should you encounter any operation different from that detail here, contact RH Conservation Engineering. To pack the heated spatula and lining iron away, reverse the assembly instructions.

Please note:

When cleaning the RH Heated Spatula and Lining Iron, no abrasive cleaners, strong alkalis or acids should be used.
The anodised housing of RH equipment can be cleaned with Windex™ to remove finger marks.

RH equipment is intended for use only by professional conservators. Use by inexperienced operators may result in damage to objects being treated. The RH Heated Spatula and Lining Iron are not intended for use by infirm persons and should be kept out of reach of young children.