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The RH Microtome is designed for producing sections for thin layer microscopic analysis of paint, wood and other biological samples, in the conservation lab.

The cutting action can be varied from a chopping to a long slicing action used for soft and fragile samples. The knife is made of very fine grained high carbon steel, enabling it to be sharpened to a very keen edge. The unique circular knife gives an extremely long cutting edge, reducing the number of times the blade needs changing and dramatically lowering the cost of re-sharpening. The blades are returned to RH Conservation Engineering for re-sharpening. 

One blade is supplied with each RH Microtome in a secure storage/postage tin, additional knives can be supplied on request.
When fitted to the microtome, the knife is protected by a clear acrylic cover. Prior to cutting a section, the segment of the knife being used is revealed by raising a hinged portion of the cover furthest from the operator. The micro-advance on the RH Microtome is calibrated in 1 micrometre increments and offers an overall advance of 20 mm. The RH Microtome is supplied in a sturdy polished wooden case for storage and transport.
Specifications subject to change without notice.