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The RH Suction Table Worktop should be set up on the RH Table Frame or a level bench top. To fit the table coupling, depress the 2 buttons and release when the end of the coupling has been placed into the evacuation hole on the edge or bottom of the worktop. The suction hose from the RH Suction Unit should be connected to the table coupling.
RH Suction Table Worktops may be set side by side on a flat surface to provide a suction worktop of almost any size. When setting them side by side, place them almost touching each other, with the aid of a rule, push the rubber edge seal down, then push the worktops together. The small impression over the joint may be covered with a blotter or fabric overlay available from RH Conservation Engineering.

If wet after use, the RH Suction Table Worktop should be allowed to air dry before being packed away. There should be no reason for it to be dismantled at any time.
If using a vacuum cleaner as a source of vacuum, it is advisable to use a wet and dry industrial type and if solvents are to be used, check the vacuum cleaner manufacturer's instructions.
When cleaning the RH Suction Table Worktop no abrasive cleaners or strong alkalis should be used.
Please Note: RH equipment is intended for use only by professional conservators. Use by inexperienced operators may result in damage to objects being treated.