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RH Suction Unit Instructions.

The RH Suction Unit is connected, by the cable supplied, from the socket in the back of the unit located below the isolation switch to a power outlet of the nominated electrical output on the compliance label. The exhaust duct is extended from the side of the unit by rotating the end to detach it from the 2 retaining pins. The exhaust duct should be extended fully and discharged away from the work environment such as through a window, into an operating fume cupboard or into the end of an operating fume extraction duct. The RH Suction Unit should have a free cooling air-flow to the bottom of the unit of no more than 30ÂșC.

The RH Suction Unit hose is connected to the RH Suction Table Worktop or RH Suction Platen as described in their instruction sheets and to the coupling below the exhaust duct on the RH Suction Unit.
The isolation switch should then be switched on, it will now be illuminated. The LED display will now be illuminated by the word OFF. The RH Suction Unit may now be started by pressing the button marked 1/0. The display will now indicate the percentage of available vacuum you have, it always starts at 2% vacuum. After 5 seconds of operation, it displays the current vacuum on the table. The vacuum is controlled by the buttons marked < and > and is indicated in hectopascal. The RH Suction Unit is turned off by pressing the button marked 1/0.

If the RH Suction Unit has been used for wet treatment, the unit should be left running for a few minutes connected to an empty suction table worktop or platen to dry out the pump and ducting.
To pack the unit away, reverse the assembly instructions.
The RH Suction Unit is fitted with a motor protection system. Should the system trip the motor off, turn off the isolation switch and ensure that it has a clear supply of cooling air. If all is clear the unit may be re-started after 5 minutes, following the starting instructions. Should the unit trip again, disconnect it and contact RH Conservation Engineering.

Please note:

When cleaning the RH Suction Unit no abrasive cleaners or strong alkalis should be used.
Under no circumstances should the RH Suction Unit be used as a vacuum cleaner.

Please Note: RH equipment is intended for use only by professional conservators. Use by inexperienced operators may result in damage to objects being treated. The RH Suction Unit is not intended for use by infirm persons and should be kept out of reach of young children.