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The RH Suction Table Worktop is designed for cleaning, holding and pressing paper and textiles, pulp filling of paper, cold structural treatments of canvas paintings, papers and textiles, and wherever an even suction is required on a flat surface.

A fold away Humidification Cover may also be obtained for humidification of objects. The RH Suction Table Worktop is made for connection to the RH Suction Unit. This gives infinite control over the vacuum, is quiet in operation and is recommended if significant quantities of volatile solvents are to be used.

In some applications, an industrial vacuum cleaner or low pressure/high volume vacuum system may also be used.Due to the unique design of the RH Suction Table Worktops they can be set side by side on a flat surface to provide a suction worktop of almost any size.


• Fine stainless steel fabric covering the suction surface for perfect suction distribution.
• Stable, flat 1.5 mm thick perforated stainless steel sub-surface with 40% open area.
• Aluminium sub-support for overall stability, designed with good airflow characteristics to achieve an even surface pressure.
• Rigid, solvent proof body constructed of matt black anodised aluminium and lightweight sandwich panel base.
• Useable work surface to the very edge due to the unique design.


Standard Sizes:
900 mm x 600 mm
1200 mm x 900 mm
1600 mm x 1200 mm