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The RH Suction Unit is designed for use with the RH Suction Table Worktop and the RH Suction Platen. It stands 950 mm high, 540 mm wide and 375 mm deep and rolls on 50 mm castors. The outer casing of the unit is matt black anodised aluminium and the control panel on the inclined top is stainless steel. The control panel is completely flush and sealed to all solvents used in conservation.

The pump used in the unit is our own product, it generates a vacuum of -180 hectopascal at the suction worktop surface and can pump 85 litres per second. The vacuum is controlled from the stainless steel control panel and is displayed in hectopascal on an LED digital meter together with the percentage of available vacuum being used.

The exhaust air is discharged through a 3 m long, 100 mm diameter flexible duct and when not in use the duct retracts into the side of the unit. A 60 mm diameter flexible hose connects the RH Suction Table Worktop or platen to the RH Suction Unit just below the exhaust duct.

The RH Suction Unit is quiet in operation (59dB at 1 metre when in operation connected to the suction table worktop), and is powered by a variable speed perment magnet electric motor for continuous operation from a standard  220 -240 volt 10 amp 50/60 Hz power outlet.
The RH Suction Unit meets the requirements of the regulation and is tested for electrical safety to IEC 335 - 1:1991

Specifications subject to change without notice.