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Each table frame consists of:

• 2 longer rails
• 2 shorter rails
• 2 left hand legs
• 2 right hand legs
• 4 screw adjustable feet
• 4 black plastic leg inserts
• 8 hexagonal socket head screws

Assemble the table frame up-side down on a bench top.

1. Lay one long rail on its edge so the internal connecting rod is below the centre of the rail. Insert a cap screw through the large hole of a leg closest to the end, the thread should protrude through the opposing 6 mm diameter hole. Stand the leg on end at the end of the rail, the thread of the cap screw should align with the internal thread in the connecting rod. Do up the screw lightly, enough to make it secure. An assistant should hold this leg upright. Insert another cap screw through the other large hole in the leg and screw it into the connecting rod of a short rail lying on edge, the short rails lie on edge with their connecting rods just above the centre of the rail. Tighten the screw as above. Follow this procedure until frame is assembled. Ensure that the 2 large holes on each leg are on the outer sides of the frame and the top end of each leg is flush with the edge of the rail. Tighten all screws.

2. Fit screw adjustable feet to each leg at least 6 full revolutions.

3. With the aid of an assistant, stand assembled table frame on the floor.

4. Fit the black plastic inserts into the top of each leg so the raised quadrant is in the inner part of the frame, a tap with a hammer on a wooden block may be required to fit these.

5. Place the frame in position and adjust the feet as needed to level it. The worktop or washing tray is then placed on the frame with the raised quadrants of the leg inserts positioned in the inner corners of the bottom of the worktop or washing tray.